Thursday, September 20, 2012

Booger gate

Oh my word. REALLY BLOGGER? It's like a foreign land and I can hardly even sort out how to post.

The OB scheduled TBA's eviction this morning for next Tuesday morning. I had an induction with Jack, and while it was fine, I sure do wish this giant baby had decided it was time to come out without an induction. But whatever. At this point I need this baby OUT.

Five more days.

Anyhow, I have a whole booger gate story to tell you, but I am way too irritated about not even being able to find the publish button on this so called improved blogger.

Back when I am more relaxed I supposed.


  1. Okay...I needed a laugh and this was a good one. I thought there was a cold at the house and you were being invaded by booger now! Five days and counting every second. I remember thinking all I wanted to do was take a deep breath but there was no room...Did they give you a weight guess to freak you out? Smiles..Renee

  2. Can't wait to hear how big TBA is! And next Tuesday is my birthday!!I'm turning 29 for the 10th time ;)
    You want one out and I want to have one in!
    Wishing you a quick and easy delivery.


  3. I too dislike this "new & improved" blogger. It's almost as if they don't WANT you to blog.

  4. Hey, I was just thinking that before you go in on Tuesday you need to post a belly photo. You haven't posted any of you this pregnancy!!

  5. I'm just going to go out on a limb and say don't post a belly photo! (Do what you want ... just warn me!) ANyway - just getting back from my out of town visit and wanted to say hey there and good luck and I'm crossing my fingers and all that .... best wishes, my friend!

  6. I didn't mean bare skin or anything! Just a fully clothed picture of Sarah to show how far she has come...geesh.


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