Saturday, October 06, 2012

A break from bottles (and nursing and diapers too)

Grant was up every 10 mins from 2:20 to nearly 6:30 this morning. I am pretty sure I died somewhere around 6 am.  And then I couldn't take a nap this afternoon because every time my eyes closed I imagined I heard him crying again. 
So this morning I loaded Jack into the car and we went to a subdivision garage sale that I have had some luck at in years past.  (Never mind that it was already nearly 10 am!).
I did pick up a few things:
 A whole box full of crochet squares. It's gray here today, but the colors are perfectly vintage - jadeite green, bubble gum pink, a perfect lavender.  Some of them she had made more progress on...
 and some are missing the white border. I know nothing about how to crochet, but I think there *must* be a project I can use these for?  Or a way to sew them together?  I know one of you will have an idea.
 At the same sale I bought this pink doll high chair.  Totally awesome.
And this handmade doll hutch.  The man's father was at the sale and he had made a bunch of the doll furniture they were selling. I left this behind the first time, then made Jack go back for it with me. I decided I was being foolish, all it needs is a coat of paint and some wallpaper on the back!

It was a much needed break from the littlest people indeed.


  1. I think you just set the record for the shortest time between giving birth and finding awesome junk. High fives!

  2. It's nice to have some time away and you found some cool stuff.

    Regarding the crocheted squares, I think they would look best if all the squares had the white border, and it's really not a difficult crochet stitch to learn. If I couldn't talk you into that, I'd try sewing them together in a checkerboard type pattern, alternating the bordered squares with the non-bordered squares. I think this way you would be able to compensate for the size difference in the two types of squares.

  3. You definitely needed this break. I'm a sucker for doll furniture and that high chair and hutch are just perfect. Can't wait to see what you do with the crocheted squares.

  4. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Oh boy, do I remember that fear of falling asleep, only to be awakened by an insomniac twin. Thank God my guys took my speech about the importance of Mommy's sleep to heart at 2.5 months or I might not be here today. Sleep, another thing you don't really appreciate until it's gone!!!! I love the name Grant by the way. 3 perfect child names!!!!

  5. Are the granny squares the same size (within stretchable reason)? If so you are definitely capable of stitching them together. Or learning a single crochet to crochet them together. I'll try to dig up some tutorials (which I need since I have 40 granny squares I've made that need to be stitched together).


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