Thursday, October 11, 2012

A projik a day keeps the crazies away

 My girlfriend recently built a new house using a TON of salvaged materials. (I should show you all pictures, you would appreciate them I think.)  Now that they are done building she has some leftover stuff she was looking to sell.  Among the stuff were the industrial drawers.

After seeing shelving made from old soda crates I thought they might work for Jack's room. Dave added the middle shelf for me and hung the (very heavy!) things up this past week.

I sort of really love them. 
The old numbers on the side are awesome too.

I keep wondering where else I can use them!

Today's project was making Jack's number 8 shirt for him.

And hopefully I can manage to at least get a trick or treat bag for Sammi cut out.

Having concrete, completable things to do helps keep the going crazy taking care of the kids feeling at bay.

Now if I could just find three coordinating outfits in orange and brown for their photos...Ha.


  1. LOVE the drawer-shelves! YES post more pics of your friend's house! If this is the kind of stuff she didn't keep, then the stuff that made the cut must be amazing!

  2. Totally cute!

    Take it easy on yourself. Life will go on if they don't have matching outfits. xo

  3. The shelves are awesome. They make me want to spray-paint stenciled numbers on pretty much everything. Really, everybody will be impressed and happy if you just get three kids in the photo - matching outfits not required.


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