Friday, October 19, 2012

Hapde Burfday Baby

On the twelfth day of Halloween, the great pumpkin gave to me:
 One boy who turned eight years old today.
 And one SERIOUS case of mommy brain. (Which has involved things like sitting in the basement for five minutes and watching the weather with the sirens blaring and a tornado barreling down the highway we live on and then realizing that in the chaos of all the noise and Sam screaming I have left Grant upstairs alone. Or driving to the mall for this photo appointment and realizing as we pull into the parking space that I have not brought my wallet. Then driving home to get the wallet and having the van started yelling that we have ZERO miles until we run out of gas. The exhaustion of not having slept through the night since like July and juggling all of these appointments/kids and stuff is clearly catching up to me. Also, if anyone has any idea on earth how to keep clothes on Sam PLEASE tell me now. It is so frustrating to dress her, then dress the baby, then feed the baby, then feed her, then have to REDRESS her, then change the baby's diaper again and on and on before we can get out of this house. She can't get out of the onesies but forget about any kind of pants/overalls/shoes/socks.)

My dear Jack,

Today you are eight.

I am not quite sure where on earth the years have gone between when you were still a "little person" and this big boy you are becoming.

We continue to have our challenges, but I find myself thinking often these days that these times are surely short now. I feel like at any minute now you will be done with things like big themed birthday parties and halloween costumes and footie pajamas and on the list goes on.

I mean goodness, we are halfway to driving a car!

You continue to amaze everyone who meets you with your super big brains.  And I miss the days when you were home with me and really learning lots of new things.

My wish for you this year is that you are able to grow into yourself a bit more before those tween/teen days arrive.  That you find your voice (not that baby talk you are using right now) and your ability to really speak up for yourself.  Things start getting hairy in middle school and I know how important it will be for you to be your own best advocate in the years to come.

Speaking up about what you want and need is NOT a weakness, it's an important part of finding true happiness my darling.

I promise to keep pushing you to grow and develop, and to not hang on too tightly as this year too passes us by.

Love you doodlebug,


  1. Happy Birthday, Jack! Eight is a very special age. Enjoy!

  2. Hoping Jack and all of you have a magical year.

  3. Birthday blessings to ALL of you. 8 is definitely a magical age.


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