Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On the seventh day of Halloween

On the seventh day of Halloween, the Great Pumpkin gave to me:
 One baby in a peapod costume who turned four weeks old today!

 I had no intention of buying him a costume, since he will stay home with me while I answer the door on halloween. But when I saw this at Goodwill I could not resist putting it in the cart, even if only for taking pictures in.
 TOTALLY worth the dollar it cost me right?
 I could take pictures of him in this outfit all the live long day.
 He is starting to be more alert and start to move his arms and legs. (Which is a relief, because when they said he had poor muscle tone it is no joke. He was barely moving at all that first month. After being the MOST active in utero baby ever. Even the nurse said she had never seen a baby move that much on the monitor.)
 Sammi wanted in on the action. I have been teaching her to say CHEESE, which actually engages her in photo taking and makes it easier. Too bad the peapod is swallowing Grant in this photo.
 And we have fleeting smiles! He was very, very frowny those first four weeks.
 I think when the days are feeling long and crazy repetitive I should look at this photo again and again.

 My two babies holding hands.

 It makes up for the days which right now are feed, change, dress one baby, feed, change, dress, rock baby two, turn around and baby one needs feeding, changing and dressing again, then baby two needs to start it all over again too. Dave spent about 90 minutes alone with all them of last night and said "how the hell do you pull this off plus keep the house running?" I just do it is all. Right now I just keep us rolling. Period.
Speaking of baby number one - Miss Sammi is ever so much like Jack and his "dandy" right now. She drags hers everywhere. And her bearbie too.  For a minute I was like OH GOD THEY ARE GETTING FILTHY! PLEASE LEAVE THEM INSIDE! and then I wondered if I had lost my mind.

Jack has been dragging that blanket of his everywhere for 8 years. It's fine. It's why I have two blankets (and two bears). One can wash and one can still be cuddled. (If you are in the market for a security blanket I cannot say enough good things about the pottery barn chamois stroller blankets. They are kind of crazy expensive, but even after going EVERYWHERE for eight years Jacks are still in one piece. They aren't as soft anymore, but there is not a hole in sight.)

And speaking of Jack - he had his 8 year check up yesterday and is 51 inches tall! and 60 lbs. Whoa. More importantly he actually spoke to the ped when spoken to. He is doing much better at school this year (new teacher making a world of difference), but still clearly has anxiety about a lot of things. It helps that I am recognizing that a lot of our issues are totally anxiety related and trying like hell to be ever mindful of that.

Okay, Sam has decided my time is up!


  1. Sarah,
    In the back of mind I have been thinking about Jack and school, hoping it is better this year (being a teacher, you know). I am so happy that it is! LOVE your babies!

  2. Darling peapod. Such sweet pictures.

  3. I could look at those pictures all day, so take as many as you want. The holding hands? Be still, my heart.

  4. too have three peas in a pod! Its a great number. Is that a baby doll in cheeks arms? Love to see them grow. Smiles..Renee


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