Wednesday, October 03, 2012

One week and witching hours

Grant is one week old today!  The kids are adjusting and I can walk a little bit again. (Amen.)
 Sam thinks the bouncy chair is
 I think baby toes are super sweet. (His are super long.)
 Baby yawns are a close second.
 I just love the way Sammi stands on her tippy toes to peek into the bassinet.
 She is looking particularly sweet these days. And big. Having a tiny baby makes her seem like a giant.
 Grant is getting some neck control finally, so I let Jack have a turn holding him.
 Sammi only cares that he has *ish! ish!* (Sammi speak for fish) on his clothes. (She is learning quite quickly to be soft with him and is doing an AMAZING job at adjusting to all of this.)
 The three monkeys.
Welcome to week two baby!

*This baby totally has the concept of the witching hour ALL MIXED UP y'all. Instead of doing his fussing between 7 and 10 pm like my other two he is up from 3 am to 6 am every single night. Last night I was feeding him every 15 minutes for 3 hours.  Oy vey. I hope this sorts out soon, that is a killer bad time to be awake.  The other kids are up about 15 minutes after he finally falls asleep.


  1. Super cute pictures of the kids! They are all getting so big, so fast (Grant included!)

    So glad you are starting to get back on your feet after your ordeal.

  2. Love seeing all of them together. What a happy group!

  3. Love seeing the smiles! Seems like everyone is are doing a great job with three! Not sure I could handle it all so I stopped at two. Now I wonder...
    Keep on keeping on! Love all the sweet pictures~more, please, when you get a chance! Kiss those piggies!

  4. Glad things are well, other than the lack of sleep! Hugs all around!

  5. He is so cute. He looks just like his sister & brother

  6. Oh I remember these days so well and they were heaven. All of them so enamored with each other if only for a single second. Take tons of pictures and oh my is that the cutest pony tail. Grant you are a beautiful boy. Thank you for the smiles...Renee


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