Sunday, October 14, 2012

The one where Sarah dies in the middle of the pumpkin patch

 We took the kids to the pumpkin patch this morning and before we left I was SURE that trying to wrangle three kids in one picture was going to give me a stroke.
 Turns out this is the best I could manage. Jack and the baby are easy peasy, but Samantha June? LORDY BE that girl is crazy right now.
 She will not sit down, she will not look at the camera, she will not follow any sort of direction. And here her tutu almost ate the baby!

 Here it was way too windy.
 It's a good thing she is so darn cute. (And speaking of looks, she looks more and more like Jack at that age every day.)
 Jack loved these little goats. Sam did NOT love the noisy horse.
 Grant was totally zoinked out (and sporting face prints from riding in the moby with me).

 Jack still loves the corn.

 And the big tires.
 And Sam liked the pony swing.
 Jack's most favorite part is grinding up feed corn. He could do it for hours.
But you only care about the part where I die, don't you? About 2 minutes after this last photo the kids went back to the straw maze. Sam followed Dave and Jack in. I stood outside. They came out and looked at me and said "where's Sam?"

I was calm for the first 2 minutes of looking for her.



Dave found her.

Wanna know where?

Sitting down taking pictures WITH SOME OTHER FAMILY.

Let me get this straight then - she will not take a picture for me, then she wanders off to take pictures with some other family (while I am having a freaking heart attack looking for her)?

That'll teach me to think I KNOW what is going to give me a stroke that day. LOL


  1. Oh my, what a fun day! Heh heh, until Sam went missing. Sounds like my Greta when she was wee. I would look to the right and she would totally disappear from the left. In a mere second! Gone!! I know what that heart attack feels like! Anyway, the three of them are just precious-adorable pictures that you were able to get. I still have to laugh at Sam taking pictures with another family!!! Go figure!!!!! LOL

  2. Photobombing another family's shot is totally something mine would do, especially since she hates for me to take her picture!
    Cuteness overload on the shots. Well done!

  3. I hope they'll share a picture with you!

    Super cute kids.

  4. Great great great pictures and completely worth your trouble. The Sam story is very funny since it turned out OK - but I remember those heart-stopping moments all too well! Grant looks so much older than a (three? four?) week old. And Jack! He looks really grown up! Must be the lack of a tutu or onesie.

  5. That is a perfect pumpkin patch story! I can't believe she was off taking photos with another family...that girl! Great photos and looks like a fun day..stressful, but worth it!

  6. Wonderful pictures and lots of fun until the disappearing act-too funny (after the fact) she joined strangers for pictures! The first time one of mine disappeared (up inside a clothing rack)my heart stopped. I was never so grateful to see a stranger carrying my little one to me as I was that day! (He's the number one reason for my gray hair too!)LOL!

  7. Hahaha...your adventures are just beginning, and I LOVE them! As you know from teaching middle school, those will be the years! Sarah, thanks for sharing. You made my Monday morning (with 125 hormonal teenagers) a little happier!!

  8. Now THAT is a priceless story! You still got some great pictures!

  9. Totally made me laugh! You got a really good picture of her too (the first one)

  10. Miss Sarah she is giving my Claire a run for her money. Holy cats she is darling and is all in the face. Up to something constantly...beautiful photos of such gorgeous kids....

  11. Wow, I left blog and for a couple years and you have two beautiful new babes. Congrats!

  12. And that is hilarious. My daughter is the same way...takes great pictures for anyone but me. She just won't look at the camera. Drives me nuts! I did professional pictures once and it took two days for them to get a halfway decent shot . I was traumatized and have never done it again.


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