Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Three weeks and this is what I know

 Grant is three weeks old today! 

And this is what I know:
*Big babies eat like teenagers. It does mean he sleeps a little better, but he is a bottomless pit of hungry.
*I can manage us okay at home, but getting some place ON TIME? Still a challenge.
*Two kids in diapers = A LOT OF DIAPERS
*If you get a damn nipple injury, find a recipe for APNO. And then pump for a few days. And then breathe a big sigh of relief when three days later you can feed the baby without pain.
*There are a ton of appointments with three kids. I will be forced to actually use a calendar to keep on track.
*There is nothing greater on earth than the internet. Need a present for your niece? Amazon prime! Need more bottle nipples? Amazon Prime! If only our local grocery store would deliver I would be set.
*Showering is totally underrated. Man I miss showering.
*It's a good thing time keeps passing quickly. Yesterday was a terrible, no good day for both the babies. Today seems better already.
*Dave has taken to calling the kids the genius, the gymnast and the giant. Cute, no?

 We are prepping for a drive in movie party for Jack's birthday on Friday. Sam thinks the GIANT choo choo is like the greatest thing ever. That girl is choo choo (and fish) obsessed.
And Sam, who has never shown a minute's worth of interest in baby dolls, got her baby doll out yesterday and investigated it thoroughly. She played with it, covered it up with blankets, tried to find it's nipples (LOL), poked it's eyes and ears.  And then undressed it.

She is ALL ABOUT everyone being naked right now and will not stay dressed for anything.

It was interesting to watch - she is clearly doing a lot of thinking about this baby business.

(And she has had a sudden language explosion, FINALLY! We have bus, bug, cookie, baby, boo, okay, yes, mom, and more. Relief on my part to hear her finally talking.)

Alrighty, number three is demanding more food.

Tomorrow I will start the annual great pumpkin series. Man I have some cute stuff on tap. I hope. Let's hope the children cooperate.


  1. My little girl went through a huge naked period when she was two. I swear, everyday at 4, her internal clock told her it was naked time and no matter where we were, she'd strip down.
    I once had her in one of the truck carts at the grocery store, the kind with the kid space in front, so she wasn't throwing the things in my basket out as I put them in, and someone walked up to me and handed me her sock. "I think this belongs to your baby." I looked, and she was sitting there buck naked. I looked back and there was a trail of her clothes I had somehow missed while trying to shop.

  2. It sounds like you've settled right in - maybe it's not a routine, and I'm sure you are exhausted every minute - but you sound very happy. Like you're right where you ought to be.

  3. Sarah, been catching up on Grant, Jack's b-day, Sammie, and the all around past few weeks! So glad to hear all is well, other than Sammie being a nudist and all! I'm rooting for you! Hugs all around!



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