Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A stocking for Grant

After many years of using very small vintage Christmas stockings, I decided to make us all new, bigger, matching stockings last year.
Imagine my horror when November rolled around this year and I realized there would be no matching stocking for Grant!
Thank goodness Joann still carried the fabric I used. (Even though it is slightly a different color than last year's fabric.)
I knew I needed to make his stocking on Thanksgiving weekend when I had Dave here for a long period of time. But of course I  had to find the other stockings to make myself a new pattern. Wouldn't you know they were in the LAST box I pulled out? I guess the upside is that everything that is getting put out for Christmas is already out now. Except that the trees need ornaments.
 I picked this boy revelling in the snow for him.
 And used a fancy stitch on the machine to make the snowflakes. (I was going to hand do those, but who has that kind of time when it takes days to just find the stockings to make the pattern with!)
It's sort of crazy cool to see how many stockings are on the fireplace now. :)


  1. That's a lovely mantel in a whole lotta ways ... all those stockings especially!

  2. Very crazy cool!

  3. I love how you use vintage tree toppers as your mantle display. I am definitely going to have to pin that!

    Happy Holidays!


  4. Super cute stockings and mantle!

    My daughter had her baby the end of September 2011 and realized she had to make a felt/sequins/stitched stocking when her oldest told her he knew Santa would bring it because he had done that for the middle child!

  5. I always love your tree topper display. Such beautiful eye candy. A beautiful collection to showcase your stockings.

  6. It is nice to see how 5 evens the mantel out, no? darling image...smiles..Renee

  7. Love the new stockings, and the mantle is gorgeous!

    I see the Quilt Queen is back in action! Love the two you found, and especially the one you rescued from being walked on. A few years back I stole a quilt from my Mom that my Dad has used as a dropcloth while painting many many years ago. HOW could he do that, and WHY would she let him?!?!


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