Sunday, November 11, 2012

Flea Market Sundays

It's been 70 degrees here for four days. Lovely. And much needed. Of course that meant I went to the flea market this morning! I was there earlier than I would usually be because I was up early with Grant.
And it paid off. I spent every dollar in my pocket for the first time since spring I think.
 I bid on several of these old Halloween costumes on Ebay and always lost. I found this one sort of wadded up in a suitcase. When I inquired about the price the little old man told me "Oh, my wife put that there in the '90's. She's been gone since '99 and I never even looked in that suitcase. It's a pretty little thing, isn't it? How about $3 dollars?"  Sold.
 The very last thing I bought was this bear picnic basket. Too bad the bear is gone! I remember this from when I was a kid.
 Grant's collage wall really could've used one more chalkboard, so I didn't leave this one behind. I think this week I should finally show you his room, huh?
 Ever since seeing Laurie's tree full of birds I am determined to never let one of those birds pass me by. These are the candy container variety.
 I picked up two strands of glass garland and the woman said, "Oh I have more of those in the truck if you want them." Umm, yes please! Bought them all.
 The fancier ones are hard to find.
 I bought pottery. I haven't bought pottery in ages because my shelves are full. But I have the matching piece to this one in aqua that I paid a MINT for. This one was way, way too cheap. And sweet. I paid a mint for the other because I love it so.
The last thing I need is more blankets around here, but this silk baby blanket is so soft. Sammi drags blankets around all day, she has decided all her dolls and her "baby" must have blankets too. (And her security blanket is now her "din". LOL) So, this one can go to the Sammi pile.

A good, good morning indeed.

And just in time, since the temperature is due to drop 40 degrees today. Jack is praying for snow!


  1. Between the birds and the mercury glass garland...was a good morning!

  2. What great finds you came home with! Makes me want to get out there....although early and I are not friends...LOL
    Thanks for sharing your excitement!

  3. Definitely a good morning. You've earned it. Your mercury garlands are amazing. Love that sweet Halloween costume too. I'm eager to see Grant's room.

  4. Freezing cold on the way to church this morning. Cannot believe you found that much garland. I have tried but only found solid colors and not worth the price...smiles..Renee

  5. Nothing like a new baby for an alarm clock. That vase is lovely, and I will trade anything you want for all of that garland, including my dog. (OK, not the dog, and not that you'd want him, but you get my drift).

  6. Love the glass beads! What a score!


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