Sunday, November 25, 2012

Flea Market Sundays

It wasn't freezing this morning and despite my TRYING for 3 hours to ignore the call of the flea market, I couldn't do it.
So off I went. (Kidless because both Jack and Sam have been burning up with fevers for at least 2 days. Trying to keep them away from Grant is fun. Not.)
 This is a kid sized printed quilt. It was laying on the ground and the guy was walking all over it. When he asked what he could help me with I said "why are you walking all over that quilt?" "That? It's just a dirty old blanket I paid a dollar for."  "Umm, it's cute." "Okay, then, take the dirty thing for 2 dollars then." Don't have to tell me twice. LOL
 This is a BIG old biscuit tin. The guy selling it was chatting up another guy about the lack of scrappable cars right now. I butted in and volunteered that I have a scrap heap in the driveway as we speak since we bought a second mini van. (It's Dave's old truck. With three kids we can't use a truck that only holds two people.)  So, maybe I found a buyer for the truck. Wooohooo.
 I bought this from my FAVORITE flea market dealer. I don't buy a lot from him lately, but we are friendly. It is pretty worn in the middle, but he sold it to me cheap, cheap. The top is older than the quilting though. The back, binding are a cotton poly blend and the batting is poly.
 It is still sweet enough for me though!
Okay, baby crying again, so off with me.
Happy Sunday to you. (Dreading the start of the this week with sick kids and doctor appointments and Dave back at work. Ugh.)


  1. You sure do find some great quilts, Sarah, even if they have polyester batting!

    I hope the kids get over being sick, honestly I don't know how you do it - Hang in there!

  2. Quilt loveliness, for sure. Good luck over there at Germ Central.

  3. Beautiful...I have yet to find a quilt that is reasonable...again you with all the quilt charm and glass garland...smiles..Renee


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