Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blast off!

Bugger, the baby just woke up, so this will be super short. I am still sewing. I picked up a discounted remnant of Julius space fabric at Joann, and knew it was meant to be a rocket (aka "shhh space!") for Sam.
I used this tutorial, but I did not put the hole in it. (Mostly because I can imagine Jackson launching the thing with a hard egg in it and the egg coming flying out and putting out some one's eye.)
 Instead I attached a Julius "doll".
It's pretty darn cute.

And waiting to go under the Christmas tree.
My favorite part of sewing right now is mixing and matching patterns!

Speaking of Jack, he wrote a poem before school today:
1 little snowflake, tiny as can be
2 little snowflakes, what can they be?
3 little snowflakes, falling to the ground, spring will soon be found!

(It is already like spring here still, with no snow in sight.)

Off to get that baby!

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