Sunday, December 16, 2012

Flea market Sunday

It's the week before Christmas and it is still so warm here that the children are playing outside in short sleeves and picnicking on the grass.
So Flea Market season is still on.
No complaints from me on that front. (Although a white Christmas might be nice.)
 I picked up another tree topper, this time with the original box. It's easy to assume all of these are OLD, but the box tells another story.
 It says made in Romania -
 And it proudly bears a wal-mart price sticker of 1.58. If it were not in the box you would NEVER know that from looking at it. (Also I cannot imagine a time when things made in Romania were sold in Wal-mart. In case you are curious, Wal-Mart apparently became a national chain in 1972.)
 My mom gave me what was left of our "family ornaments" yesterday.  In the box was this old Santa I remember from my childhood. His belt and beard are rabbit fur. (It's a pity my mom's life is so dysfunctional and most of the stuff was lost along the way. I asked specifically about a creche my dad had made and my mom said "I threw that pile of sticks away a long time ago." Sigh.)
 These blocks are a hard, heavy plastic and are marked Mattel 1971.
 I spelled out the little kid's names for their rooms with some of them.
 FINALLY I own a darn lalaloopsy doll. I was on a serious quest for a specific one last year, but she was impossible to find.  This one isn't it, but she'll do. (And she was dirt cheap.)
 Somehow I have that huge collection of vintage fisher price and I didn't have the school yet. Now I need to stumble on a serious cache of people and furniture.
And a bag of fabric I took a chance on. Mostly a wasted chance since most of it is 1950's type stuff that doesn't really interest me. But there was a good quilt block in there.

*Like everyone else the violence in this country right now has me stunned. But there is nothing more I could say about it that hasn't already been said. I truly believe this is not an issue of gun control so much as an issue of how we have somehow become so culturally bereft that we are desperately failing our young men. (And probably the women too.)  I have NO clue what the answer is, so I will just keep on keepin' on here.


  1. The name Walmart was actually started in 1962, so that makes your tree topper vintage in my book. Of course, Walton's started way before that, but it became Walmart in 1962. $1.58 would have been a mighty high price back then too. But, based on the packaging it is probably from the late 1970's, early 1980's.

    I have a set of those old mercury candles that are in the background of the photo. I've never figured out what to do with them, though.

  2. Ignorance is new mantra. Gawd as always you have found the best stuff...Very cool and foggy here. Smiles..Renee

  3. The school house was the only piece we had. My mom still has it and one of these days I am going to sneak it home.


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