Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ho Ho Ho

It's always something around this house of mine. My dad hurt himself on Saturday pretty badly. And refused to go to the hospital until today. So I have been juggling trying to get him to go to the ER* with three rowdy kids. On Christmas Eve Grant was SCREAMING for hours, my dad was on the phone and Sammi was hollering her fool head off in her crib. I had to ignore her to juggle the other problems. She stopped so I forgot to go check on her. On Christmas morning we went in to get her and she was TOTALLY NAKED. And had been all night. So she had been peeing with no diaper.
Merry christmas to me! 4 loads of laundry and an emergency bath before we were even out of bed! LOL
 (Grant wearing our elf on the shelf's hat.)

 Sammi was most crazy about these Thomas slippers and her Thomas trains.
 And Jackson. Oy. I think the Santa thing with him might be up. He hasn't really said anything, but he has a pretty bad attitude this year. And he asked me on Saturday if I had wrapped his presents yet (and then covered and said the ones from you and dad?). Also he did not show much enthusiam about presents. I will fully admit I am ABOUT FED UP WITH IT and I wanted to give him nothing. It's an awful damn lot of work I have been doing for two months straight to get nothing but attitude.

In other news, I am taking down all the Christmas stuff today. My head is way too busy with the kids to have all this extra stuff around right now.

And that was Christmas at our house. I hope yours was merry and bright!

*My dad has finally agreed to go today, hopefully we will know what is wrong with him very soon.

I want to remind everyone you can still sign up for the heart to heart swap here. We still have 5 spots left and we are nearing the end of time to sign up.


  1. Life with kids and it is never a dull moment. My stuff is coming down today as well..ready to move onto the next holiday. Good luck with your dad..hope it goes well.

  2. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Oh dear, what a start to christmas day that must have been! The Thomas slippers are so adorable! And that last photo of Grant....if I wasn't already pregnant I'd be wanting a baby right now!


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