Sunday, December 30, 2012

If this doesn't make you laugh, you might be the grinch

i can't use any capital letters because i have been trying to post this  for two hours and i am now one handed. but if i don't do it now i fear it will never happen.
i was trying to compose an end of the year post for tomorrow and i thought to myself, "self, what this post needs is a family photo."  my girlfriend told me she took their christmas card photo using the self timer on the camera and i thought, hey, why didn't i think of that?
so i set out to do it today.
now, i did not bother with our clothes and i don't think i have even brushed my hair today, er, this week. i did try and fix sam's hair which was covered in jelly and change her shirt (also covered in jelly).
that resulted in a most wicked screaming thrashing tantrum.
then the first round of photos were total crap because i still had the camera set for christmas tree photos.
so we had to do them twice.
here they are in all of their glory, just as we took them, in order. i haven't left out a single one of those joyous moments. lololol
jack was REALLY REALLY excited about doing it all over again

 so excited that he started to scream and cry.
 and i started to yell "get out of the pictures jackson! get out! you don't have to be in the damn family photos! but just get out now!"
 and sammi started to yell "punchy", and hit him. (bet he is sorry he taught her that now, eh?)

 since he refused to get out i told dave to just keep taking them anyway.
 man, we were having fun right about now.
 not one to be deterred, we just carried on.
 it is what it is.  right about here sammi yelled "UH OH! cheese!"which was hilarious in the moment.
 and then dave starts to yell "you are lucky you aren't me kid, my father would have made us do this for HOURS hollering the whole time about how we needed to smile and on and on".

 if we aren't the griswalds, i don't know who is.

just what the hell is jackson doing?!?! LOLOLOL
man we know how to have a good time over here.


  1. Great family photo...and so fun to see it frame after frame.
    Sammi the fidgeter
    Grant who just looks content and going with it all
    Jackson who completely hides at one point...
    good times for sure..I think you should make this a tradition!

  2. Definitely tradition-worthy. They are fabulous...especially knowing all the antics going on during the photoshoot.

  3. They turned out great. And hilarious.

  4. Loved all the pictures!!!


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