Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Made it on Monday

Never mind that it's Tuesday, and never mind that it took me a week to make these. Made it on Monday is the title I had in my head because I just KNEW I was going to get these on the blog yesterday.
I like to make an ornament with the kids for the holidays. I pinned a few I thought Sam could do and a few that Jack could do.
I loved this stuffed ornament and  thought I could get Sam to do it since she loves coloring Thomas pictures right now.
Except I was totally wrong. She didn't want to cooperate at all. I even tried over the course of three different days.  She would put the markers down for a minute on the fabric and then be done with it.
 I even choose her favorite animals! Oh well. 
 Jack picked up the rest of them one afternoon and colored them in with no prompting from me. (Sam had already scribbled on them a little.)
I will still love them forever.

Now if I can bring myself to give one up for the grandparents. That's that hardest part!

*I did mine differently than she did. I traced some clip art on paper, then put the fabric over that and traced it again with a sharpie to make the outline. I had the kids color them in with markers instead of fabric crayons, because I figured it would be easier for Sam.  If you use those fabric crayons and think you will EVER wash it, make SURE the fabric is a poly blend or else it washes right out. Learned the hard way.


  1. Such a cute idea! Almost as cute as that Sam!!

  2. Cute idea and Sam is such a cutie pie, EVEN if she won't co-operate!!!!

  3. Hmmm...I say we give the grandparents something else these are too good to part with..smiles..Renee

    P.S. Did you get Sam out of jammies or am I just seeing things.


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