Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Oh thrift store, sometimes I LOVE YOU

I have been trying to think of something I can make for my nieces and nephews that is 1) easy to make 2) can be made in multiples and 3) can work for girls or boys of many ages. I decided on personalized pillow cases, each with an applique of what that kid is into at the moment.
Rather than make the pillow cases I went to the newest thrift store tonight to see if I could find some suitable cases to just applique.
Now, this  a brand new goodwill.  And it has been pretty decent to me lately, but with clothes and toys for the littlest people. It is NOT a vintage heaven thrift. (But that's okay, 'cause that stuff is needed too.)
 Sam and I walked in the door and what did I see? Not one, not two, but THREE of much, much, much loved pottery barn teen sunwashed floral duvet covers. In Queen!

I bought one last year and have been constantly stalking that pattern on Ebay ever since. Now I have enough of that fabric to cover half the house in it if I please.  And how much did I paid for such glory?  $6 for all of them.

I also picked up this king sized, brand new sheet. I think the girl's pillow cases will be darling made out of it.

Now if I could just manage to find a vintage heaven thrift.  Those seem to have all dried up when the economy went south oh so many years ago. :-)


  1. Love the colors on the duvet covers and that cute sheet print will make great pillowcases!

    Don't you love it when you know you're on the right path for a project and things fall into place?

    Around here vintage finds at thrifts are an occasional thing, too.

  2. Our thrifts have been horrible lately. I can't tell if it is just because it is trendy or if its the economy. Smiles..Renee

  3. When you find that vintage thrift heaven, give me a call, will you? I shouldn't complain ... but there sure doesn't seem to be as much as there used to be.

  4. The thrift gods smiled on me today. Happy Happy here.


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