Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Soft books have stolen my heart

For some reason I was looking at vintage cloth books on Ebay the other day. I fell in love with every last one of them.
 So when I found a pile of them over the weekend I bought them all!
 Such sweet graphics.

 And reminders of toys gone by.

I want to buy them all. Every last one of them in existence!

Many moons ago I used one to make Jack a pillow, and if I thought they would stand up to the use I would make a big quilt with them.

For now Sammi and I will just enjoy reading them.

The lights keep burning out on the Christmas tree, so I better take a picture of it for you soon, huh?


  1. I love those books too. They are almost impossible to find. I have a friend who made wall hangings for her nursery out of them. Each told a little story of their own. It was so cute.

  2. Oh good grief I am already drooling...Happy Holidays...Renee


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