Friday, December 14, 2012

The battle over Thomas reaches epic proportions

First, these pictures are crap. Why? Because Sammi has been up since shortly after 6 am, and she did NOT wake up happy. But not only that, within 15 minutes of being up she was stripping off her clothes and asking for Percy. 
Since she went to bed having a massive tantrum over this shirt I figured she wanted this shirt.
 You know the one I have been slaving over for two days in an effort to find some middle ground on this Thomas obsession. Thomas for her, but something slightly cuter than boy clothes for me.
 With a cute decorative stitch even. (And cat hairs and wrinkles, but never mind all that.)
 As soon as she saw what I was trying to put on her it started. The wailing, the gnashing, the protesting.
 I had to wrestle her into it. (Good thing I sewed on those hooks and eyes REALLY tightly.)
 Then she screamed and cried for 45 freaking minutes!
 Going from one place in the house to the next with the drama. I was trying very hard to just ignore it. Because you know, Grant was all het up too. (Apparently he did not get his meds last night.)

Jackson (who sometimes chooses to be very sweet with her and is a much clearer thinker than I am) turned on Thomas on the tv and she shut up.
Thank the gods.

She even stood still for a minute of "cheese". Complete with a filthy face and unbrushed hair and both of her lovies.

It's been nearly 30 minutes and she is still wearing the shirt.

I will consider that a success.

(And I do like it. I mean there are vintage buttons and polka dots and hearts and some pleats! Even if it was a bugger to put that facing on the top part. I used this Pattern here.)

I do not DARE try and make her anything else.  There will only be tears for us both.

Instead I think I am forced to keep changing her clothes every 10 minutes (I wish I was kidding) and doing 4 loads of her laundry a day. Because there are approximately 2 pairs of pjs, 2 shirts, and 2 pairs of pants that she will consent to wearing.

My children are nothing if not INTENSELY opinionated I suppose.

I am still going to hope that number three will be easy going.

It could happen.



Dream on Sarah Girl.


  1. Annnnd she has it off again already. I barely even hit publish before we started again!

  2. I love how you documented this! I'll bet you can't wait till she is older so you can show her how crazy she used to be about not wearing clothes!

    Happy Holidays,


  3. It could happen. My middle son is very peaceful and quiet. Except now that he has testosterone we are seeing a very lazy and quick tempered side. I think you will find the little one is perfectly easy compared to your two others...although lately I am beginning to wonder if it is not me and they are perfectly fine? Happy Holidays...Renee My daughter is very clothes opinionated as well and every time I buy her an outfit she takes it apart and wears it with something totally different.

  4. That shirt is awesome! I love how you documented here crying. She is still the cutest girl ever. I bet she keeps you smiling!


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