Thursday, December 20, 2012

The family jewels

Well, these are in no particular order because I tried playing with the camera settings to get better pictures. (And I think it worked, thank you internet.)
I didn't put nearly as many ornaments on the tree as I usually would, but whatever.
 The all vintage tree, except for the naked Santa, he's tradition, vintage or not.
I used tinsel garland instead of glass garland this year.

 The village is hard to photograph in the hallway.
 I still find myself oddly in love with our "family tree". The mix of old and new ornaments, the tinsel, the bubble lights.  It's not the vintage jewel, but it's sweet.

 Hey, how did that stinker get in here?!
(A non working bubble light, I need to find replacement lights.)
With camera setting changes. I really want to enter a picture in the country living pinterest Christmas tree thing,but I do not have time to be a good photographer right now.

For this one too. (Which is mostly naked on the bottom branches, kids and cats you know!)

They promised us a little snow today, but the sun is brightly shining and I was up nearly all night because of HUGE thunder. Oy.


  1. I need some replacement bubble lights too. But none to be found in Jefferson city :(

  2. Your trees are gorgeous. LOVE all your vintage bulbs. Can't get enough of those. Merry Christmas!

  3. Boy that white tree is stunning!


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