Monday, December 17, 2012

The gingerbread houses

Oh, the gingerbread houses. I have confessed before that I actually hate these little buggers. Right after Halloween I bought Target's Halloween house kits on 90% clearance thinking I would use them at Christmas. I didn't realize the icing was orange and black. D'oh.
Which means MAKING icing. Which I don't do either.
Not only do I not do it, but it required buying things like cream of tartar and pasteurized egg whites.
Which took two weeks.
So Jack spent all of two weeks driving me INSANE asking to do the gingerbread houses.
I had great plans of getting the houses assembled while the kids were sleeping so all we had to do was decorate. Instead I decided to sleep. LOL
So with the kids underfoot I tried putting them together. Jack would NOT stop his whining and  complaining and CRYING (What is with that kid and the crying? He's eight!), Sam was eating all the cookies, Grant was hysterical.  The cookies were breaking into a million pieces. You get the idea.
I hot glued the buggers together. Who has time to make damn icing? (Then Jack would not stop complaining about my hot gluing them together.)
 Sam stuck about 4 pieces of candy on one house.
 A novel idea, but she knows that is not what candy is for.
 Jack ate half a bag of icing.
 I spent the entire time saying "Sam, get down off the table! Jack stop whining!"
 Sam shoved her little cheeks FULL of candies.
 Jack REFUSED to decorate the house HE built (which was all broken because he WILL NOT LISTEN).
 And we are now the proud owners of the worst gingerbread houses EVER.
 Made with brown icing (because thats about all you can turn orange icing into).
Dave says next year we are making COOKIES and never touching these damn gingerbread houses again.


I am pretty sure we say that every year!


  1. I hate gingerbread houses. We only do them when someone gives us a kit. There is always gingerbread house fail.

    That said, yours look amazing.

    You had Nightmare before Christmas gingerbread house kits. My kid would have given her eye teeth for them, as that's one of her favorite Christmas movies.

    Should I be worried about that?

  2. OMG you made me laugh and laugh. First time in days (I live in Connecticut, so you can understand why...) I totally feel your pain. A few weeks ago we made gingerbread houses with my 3 kids and my nephew. (4 of those kids are 3 years old!!) My oldest, who is 10, has made a house every year and there is never an issue. The little ones? Climbing on the table, eating the candy, whining... It was pretty diasterous as I grumbled through the "tradition." The one thing I have learned is just buy the damn pre-assembled houses that they sell at Costco. You don't have to make them stay together. They come with the icing bag and candy, and you just get right down to the nitty gritty. My oldest has done this one every year; we bought little houses for the little ones and I swear it's better just splurging on the bigger pre-fab kit. As to keeping the kids off the table and eating the candy? I haven't figured that one out just yet :)

  3. You have got to give yourself credit for even attempting the houses. We did it one year and I swore that we would never do them again! As for Jack and his crying. My daughter is 10 and still cries on a daily basis about something. Too dang emotional if you ask me!


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