Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Okay ladies, I am BEGGING you to please help me sort out this problem with Sammi.

She will NOT wear a diaper to sleep in.  This is third time (second time today) she has taken off her diaper, carefully put her clothes back on and gone to sleep.

She is not even anywhere near toilet trained.

She is peeing all over everything I JUST got done washing.

Duct tape does not keep the diaper on, she shimmies right out of it.

A onesie doesn't keep it on, she pulls it down over her shoulders, out of that, then out of the diaper.

Backwards pj's *might* help, but all the zipper pajamas send her into a clothing RAGE and then she just rips them off wildly because they are not what she wants to wear. (Which is what started this diaper removal crap to begin with - refusing to let her dictate what pj's she was going to wear.)


What the hell do I do about this?


  1. try toilet training her... she's almost 2. Tell her she has a choice. She can wear big girl training pants and go in the potty or she has to wear diapers. Her choice. She, obviously, wants to be in control... YOU have to give her choices that you are happy with ( without her knowing that either works for you). When my kids were two... everyone toilet trained their kids then. They're 37 to 44 now. .... Good luck.

  2. My guy used to love to wear his big brother's undies over his diaper. Would she keep it on if you let her wear Thomas underwear overtop? Or how about putting Thomas stickers or iron-ons directly on her diaper? You can print Thomas ontoAvery iron-ons pretty cheaply.

  3. Have you tryed puting the diaper on her backwards? That stopped one of my foster babies from taking them off in the middle of the night

  4. Have you tryed puting the diaper on her backwards? That stopped one of my foster babies from taking them off in the middle of the night

  5. Ok dont laugh at me but I looked up dressing struggle in my supper nanny book. She says to give toodlers two choices in clothes and thats all. And to lay the outfit out the night before. She also says that undressing means they have learned a new skill and are probably interested in dressing themselves instead of you doing it for them. Also dont rush but allow plenty of time. I'm paraphrasing. If there is still a struggle try naughty step. I know this isnt specific to your night issue but maybe it will help the undressing.

  6. I think that she may be ready for potty training. When my daughter was her age, she HATED being in a dirty diaper. She wouldn't take it off but she would scream bloody murder when she needed to be changed. Let me tell you, once she figured out she never had to wear a dirty diaper and she could go in the toilet, it was smooth sailing from there. I'll bet she will pick it up right away. She seems to be a little smart for her own good:-)

    Good luck!


  7. In what I've read, because it's been a long time since i've had kids, there's two schools of thought.

    If you want her in her diaper then put it on backwards and duck tape it and put her sleeper without feet on backwards too so she can't get it off.

    The other train of thought is that she is ready to be potty trained and if she takes off her clothing she must sit on the potty until she does something. Then praise, singing whatever so she wants to do it.

    I feel for you and hope this sorts itself out soon!

  8. Pretty sure I'm blocking out everything about ever having a toddler, but my first thought was that she's trying to tell you something, and I wonder if it has to do with being done with diapers. Girls seem to be interested so much earlier in this than boys (at least that was my experience).


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