Monday, January 21, 2013

Flea Market Monday

Ahh, a day off from school means a day to sleep in. Jack still never sleeps in, but my two littlest ones will. We are having a stay in our pajamas and watch the inauguration and eat french toast for breakfast kind of day.
Blogger still won't upload photos properly, so things are a little out of order. Whatever. :-)
Some junked items lately:
An old aqua bunny with soft pink satin ears and scary red eyes. Easter is on the horizon.
Worn pink glass garland.
A TINY vintage candy box.
Super cute vintage bingo cover squares.
The boards.
The box.  These really scream to be art in the kids rooms.
And a grandmother's flower garden quilt top.

This is a spectacularly bad photo of it but it's winter and there was so much wind and so many shadows. Ugh.

***If you are in the heart to heart swap you should have received a reminder email this weekend.   It's time to start thinking about getting those valentines in the mail this week!****


  1. so jealous of the quilt topper! I want something like that to turn into a shower curtain. LOVE it!

  2. I'm having serious quilt envy over here!!! You love me don't you? Haha no but really...

  3. Lots of great treasures. Darling baptismal photos from earlier too!

  4. That quilt top is just awesome. I've been hand sewing some hexagons, and the amount of work that goes into those things is staggering. I've gone from dreaming of a full size quilt to a crib quilt to a doll quilt to ... a placemat?

  5. Sent my balemtimes- hope you got them!


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