Sunday, January 20, 2013

Into the flock for Grant

Baptism Day for Grant today!
I bought this vintage outfit for him at the church sale when I was pregnant, I think it was less than a quarter.
God he is a BIG BOY.
I made him booties and a bonnet.
And bought him a little vintage sweater (which was very nearly too small). This is his typical old man face. Everyone asks me constantly why he is so frowny*. How do I know people? He frowns. Period.
We have another new pastor at our church. Our much loved pastor died when I was pregnant with Sammi. It's been REALLY hard to go back to church since then. Pastor Heather gave us some holy water today because that is what Pastor Jim used to do. When she mentioned him both Dave and I nearly cried. He is very missed.
Grant nearly took a swim in the baptismal font. He is so darn heavy (and still a little floppy) and when she was trying to hold him like this he jerked and OOOOPPPS! there was water flying everywhere. (I had warned her in advance he is very, very heavy!)
This picture kills me. It has taken me EIGHT years to get Jack to go up front during children's time. Sammi ran right up there. And then she stayed up there through the whole service. It was like her only personal show and she would not get down. 

That girl of mine? BRAVE AND OUTGOING.

My cousin says she should be a pageant girl and seeing her up there there was no doubt in my mind that girl would ROCK the pageant world.

Look out honey boo boo, here comes Sammi girl. LOL

*With Jackson everyone commented on his red hair when he was a baby. With Sammi it was how she beautiful she was (and is, she gets a lot of attention). With Grant it's either his size or why does he frown?


  1. They are ALL beautiful, every one of them! Congrats on your big day!

  2. He's adorable!! All of them are.

    My brother & my cousin Mark, born just a few months apart, were both big babies. Both were 10 lbs at birth and stayed big - both are over 6ft tall today. My girl is built JUST like them, although smaller at birth. I still hear how big she is for her age - esp from in-laws with a daughter the same age who is more than a head shorter and overall much smaller than my girl. We're not built the same as adults, why are babies supposed to be built the same way?

    He's now frowning, that's his thinking face.


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