Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Laminated Valentines and a Passport to Public Speaking

Sometime last week Mary Engelbreit put a sheet of printable heart art up on her facebook page. I printed two copies thinking I would have the kids color them. Sam didn't want to color them, so Jack and I spent an hour coloring them on Sunday. (They are fairly labor intensive for coloring.)
 I love how thoughtfully he colored his.

 He wanted the boy to have hair the same color as his.
 His bunny is my favorite I think.
When it was time to color the birds he said, "Mom these are flamingos...
not swans!"
And for this one he said, "I am going to color the mushrooms yellow so they are wearing raincoats...

like yours." (Funny I hadn't seen that yellow as a raincoat at all!)

I bought myself this laminator   before Christmas for some crazy price like $19. I LOVE it. I laminated our coloring so the work won't get ruined over the years. Punch a hole in the top, add a ribbon and instant sweet Valentines for the Valentine tree.

My mom keeps giving Jack can tabs for some fundraising thing at school. And he keeps bringing them home. This morning he told me it's because he doesn't know what to do with them. I remembered seeing an idea in the last issue of Family Fun magazine for a public speaking passport to help shy kids get used to speaking to adult strangers. So while I had the laminator out, I whipped one up for him. (I sewed mine together in case you are dying to know if you can sew through paper plus a laminated sheet. You need to use a long stitch length though.)

 The plan is has to earn x number of stamps for things like answering questions out in public (and finding out from the teacher what to do with those can tabs!). Once he has earned all of his stamps he will get a reward of his choosing. Tonight we need to sit down and decide if the stamps are all open ended or if some of them will be goal oriented. (Answer the doctor, speak to someone at church, order your own dinner in a restaurant, etc.)

I used stickers that came free in the mail from those scholastic solicitations. I love those stickers. Why?
Because toddlers love stickers and they keep Sammi entertained while I am laminating!


  1. Jack did a beautiful job on his Valentines. Thanks for the heads-up the ME has these available. Looks like a great activity for Miss Josie!

  2. So cute and what a great idea to laminate them so that get saved in the condition they are now.

    One of my grandkids who shall remain nameless brought all of their garbage home if they packed their lunch. They didn't know where to put it in the lunch room so they didn't!!

    Good idea for the public speaking. It will be just the right amount of a push to get him to do it. Nice going Mom!

  3. love jack's valentines! :) and I'll be laminating for the rest of my life. --ange

  4. The aluminum ring tabs? They're donated to Ronald McDonald House.



  5. I love how kids see things so differently than we do. Now that I look at it, those are most definitely raincoats!
    SO wishing I hadn't scrolled down to the JoAnn fabric post. I have absolutely no idea what I will do with it, but I NEED that mermaid fabric!!!

  6. Such darling little coloring hearts! (And I love the public speaking booklet!)


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