Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pretty vintage style flowers from old milk bottle caps

Look who has learned how to build with legos already!  :-)

I actually have made something. Flowers from old milk bottle caps. Add vintage trim, vintage playing cards for leaves, some floral wire, old wooden spools and some vintage paper florist ribbon.
I am completely smitten with their country charm.
You can't see the wording on the spools well here, but it's the name and address of a florist in Ladue, MO.
I googled her. Her last remaining brother died in 2004. (I think he was in his 90's then.) I couldn't find anything about her floral shop, but I am guessing that ribbon is from the 40's.
I didn't use spools for this group. (And there is an odd man out - an orange juice cap.)

The milk caps are super cheap on Ebay.

What else can I make with them? :-)



    So, so darling. Fantastic! And I am totally addicted to vintage milk caps. I have a small collection but am always on the lookout for more.

  2. Brilliant! Totally love them. Now, I'll have to check out options on ebay.

  3. OH, how sweet are those flowers? Love them!!
    You really should get that Diane Zillner book if you have American dollhouses- I was able to identify several of mine that I wasn't sure of before... And good luck on your Craigslist house! I've gone through lots of crazy hoops to try to get some of mine on Craigslist- ha!

  4. Love those! They turned out very cute! I have some old Egg Nog caps that I've always wondered what to do with. Now I know! Thanks for the inspiration.


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