Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sammi Girl

Wow, almost a week huh?

I started feeling kind of cruddy on Sunday and the next thing I know three days have gone by and I have barely moved other than to change diapers and feed kids. I think the damn norovirus got me this time. :-(

Now there is food all over the floors, laundry piling up, nothing to eat in the house and a baby who I think has a not great tummy. (Just in time for his baptism this weekend.)

I took Sammi girl to get her two year portraits this past week. And she wore a dress.


Such a beauty this one is.

I was just getting her a snack in the pantry so I showed her a package and asked if she wanted those to eat. She pointed to a word on the package and said MORE!

The word she was pointing to?



I am not sure lightening like Jack* could strike twice but she sure is starting to do things that make me go hmmmmmm.

I made some booties for Grant and I am working on my Valentines (super duper awesome). Maybe I will actually get a few pics taken soon. Ha.

*I remember being so used to Jack being Jack that it wasn't until other people started to raise eyebrows that I thought *maybe* Jackson was really something special in the brains department. He would be in my shopping cart adding up our bill in his head and the check out lady would ask me what he was doing and how old he was (3 then). Then she would raise her eyebrows and wait for the total (along with me) to see how close he was (always within a dollar).


  1. So stinkin cute. Another brilliant one too!

  2. Smart and cute. Somehow I am not surprised!

  3. Oh, isn't she pretty?! My favorite is the third photo but they're all good!

  4. Your children are adorable.


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