Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The mitten

Jack came home with this from school today. It says:
Once I went on a hike in winter and poked my eye out and lost my mitten.
I laughed out loud because 1) can't believe he remembers that and 2) totally true. We were shed hunting (looking for deer antlers) with my dad and we got lost a little. We were in the woods FOREVER and he poked his eye on a tree branch and lost his cute reindeer mitten. He couldn't have been but 3 years old then.

It snowed yesterday a little.
A pretty, fluffy snow.

It's all melted already,

I suppose this is year two of no sledding for the kids. :-(


  1. That is too funny - I wonder if his teacher thought he made it up! We got a little snow here this morning in norther Virginia - the kids are off but I think it's all powdery so don't think they will be making snowmen! Cute pictures!

  2. I'm constantly asking my 10 yo if he remembers this or that and it surprises me what he remembers from his toddler years. I hope he keeps remember it. I love that your son remember the day in the woods!


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