Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Grant month 5

5 months!  Nearly to the halfway point of the first year my sweet boy.
 Yesterday you fell asleep on the play gym for a few minutes. That's nearly a miracle for you - sleeping while  lying flat and not moving.
 I felt brave and gave you a quick tub yesterday. By this morning your darn cheek rash is back again. I cannot believe how long this is taking to sort out. I suspect the aquaphor since it was the only thing that was the same as the last bath that brought it back.
I will confess to being a little bit scared of feeding you food. If all this hypoallergenic stuff makes your skin break out like this how are you going to handle food?  Or sunscreen?

At 5 months you are:
*still not napping on any kind of schedule, no matter what I do
*still sleeping in your swing
*still nursing (and given your allergy problems we might very well go longer than 6 months)
*still sporting blue eyes
*getting cuter and cuter every day
*playing with toys
*my sweet littlest boy.

Love you baby.


  1. My oldest son was allergic to almost every sunscreen when he was younger. We had to use Clinique sunscreen for him. Maybe that would work when you're baby starts needing sunscreen.


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