Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow Day

Last week we had our first big snow since Sammi was born two years ago.  And there were two snow days.

The forecast for tomorrow seems up in the air - we may get another biggish snow or we may get nothing.

It's nice to finally have some winter.

Sammi and Grant and I have our first playdate on the schedule for tomorrow.  We have had to cancel twice already, so I am hoping we are able to make it. It was part of my new year's resolve to find other moms with kids close to my little kid's ages.  I am definitely feeling the gap in the lack of girlfriends with a bunch of tinies underfoot right now.

The other thing I am working on this year is being a blessing to others. Sounds corny (and indeed it is something I decided on after listening to too much Duggar tv), but I find myself eternally frustrated with Jack's criticism and in an effort to right that ship with him I am going to redirect my own ship as an example.

This week also holds more doctor appointments (Sammi still has ear infection troubles, the tubes did nothing) and a computer that promises to die any given moment. If I go quiet it's the computer. In theory I can blog from the iPad, but eh, that's not really my speed. (Although I do live the iPad for oh so many things, those things are AMAZING.)

So, Happy Monday to you!

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