Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Softie made by Jack

 Before Valentine's Day I picked up a $4 felt raccoon softie kit at Target for Jack to make. There was one failed attempt on his own (knotted string), but with me sitting next to him he was able to finish it.
Except that in between "the failed attempt and mommy getting 20 minutes* to sit down with me and do this thing" we lost an eye. Ooops.

I still have one more Valentine project we need to get finished before I pack all that stuff away and start thinking of Easter. (REALLY? Oy.)

*Dave is working a lot right now. Which leaves me juggling every last thing.


  1. Jack and his softie are adorable. My oldest grandaughter likes to work with felt too - I will have to see if the stores have anything cute for easter. Thanks for posting this!

    PS did you get a chance to make the valentines cupcakes?

  2. Cute little love bandit! Jack, too!


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