Monday, February 18, 2013

We three loons

I feel torn about days off from school right now. On the one hand - so much less stress and rushing and busyness. On the other hand - so much arguing! fighting! moaning!
This morning the kids were all quiet until nearly 8 am. I'll take that any day I suppose.
 Jack is very much teetering on the edge of goofy little boy and growing up kid these days. I try and really enjoy any moment when he decides to be a goofy little boy.

Sammi is starting to get into the terrible twos I suppose. Screaming and yelling and demanding and hitting and throwing. It's awfully hard to resist her charms though when she is asking to wear her vintage "buflies" or asking for "juhbeans".
We had a new family portrait taken over the weekend. Getting all five of us looking okay was quite the experience. At least I went in with low expectations this time!
I was reading something today where people were confessing what made them feel like a bad parent - not keeping baby books, not taking pictures, letting the kids watch tv, etc.  Not to be a snob, but eh, I wanted to say "hey, do you what you can, don't worry about perfection and don't sweat the rest."  The blog is the baby book for all the kids (Jack's baby book does have stuff in it, pre-blog), I do take pictures (not always perfect, but there they are), we took our family portraits with my hair in ponytails because it WOULD NOT cooperate that morning, and I don't feel bad about forcing the kids to entertain themselves for bits of time so I can cook or clean. And yes, I let them watch them television. It seems to me that we have developed completely unrealistic expectations of ourselves somewhere along the line. I am SURE my grandmother never thought for a minute it was her job to entertain her children all the live long day.
I do, however, still wish for 15 minutes to myself once in a little while.

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