Sunday, March 31, 2013


More pictures than you ever needed to see of the kids in their bunny ears:

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Flea market Saturday

Well, garage sale Saturday, but it's all the same right?
A vintage duvet cover.
A tiny honeycomb basket filled with tiny honeycomb eggs. (!)
And old Easter cake thing.
Another vintage chalkboard.
Several hundred old flash cards. Finally. I have been looking since I was pregnant with Grant. And I was totally jealous of Shara's flashcard score earlier this week.
And a not vintage but sweet baby quilt. It was $1.49. I couldn't leave it there. Even though we totally do not need another quilt.

The embroidery blocks were preprinted and are quite well done.

Now if it would get warm and stay warm so garage sale season could really get rolling!

Eggs and "buhflies"

Sorry, but there will be two posts today. No other way to get everything in right now.

Yesterday it was FINALLY warm and sunny. We took the wild things to the zoo.
Grant thought the train was funny.

Jack wants to ride all the statues.
Sam, the choo choo head, thought the train was a little scary.
But the "buhflies"? Those were "awesome!".
And this here is a miracle. I actually have a child who will sleep in a stroller. Granted it was only for 15 minutes and that was ALL HE SLEPT ALL DAY LONG. But still. (On another note, his napping? He doesn't. At all. He cries so much right now. OY.)
Then we came home and dyed the Easter eggs. This one says I heart mom and dad.
Sam, as you can imagine, was trouble with a capital T when it comes to eggs  and dye.
Her very first egg.
Watching big brother.

As soon as I get a crying free minute to put tails on the bunnies we are ready for the Easter bunny!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bunny number three

 Sammi's bunny is complete! I had to order at least 12 pieces of felt to find the right color. Oy.

Pattern here. But altered with different ears. And I added a reversible dress.
Which I didn't get a picture of because I was trying to sneak this pic without Sammi noticing.

I have to say right now I am getting enough things done/made that I don't have time to blog them all, and that feels good.

Also I took Grant for his 6 month portraits this morning and he is still leaning to the left in all of them. Time to see the chiropractor I think. I am pretty sure Sammi was starting to outgrow the leaning thing by now. Boo.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

6 months, Hapde half burfday baby

 6 months already! Hapde half burfday to you baby.
 (funny leprechaun photo)
 We love you baby.

 (Sammi thought this photo shoot was missing a kitty.)
 (I will bite you kitty!)
 (Or yank on that pony tail perhaps.)
We all love you truly, madly, deeply.
(I was curious what the hat looked like on Sammi. It had been crushed since then and it wouldn't sit on Grant's head very well.)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Record snowfall

 So, this happened.  14 inches of snow yesterday. A record snowfall for us. More snow in a single day since 1890-something. Totally blew a hole in my "when I was a kid" spiel. (We had a blizzard in 1982, but it was over two days.)
 Even the basketball net is full of snow.
 Grant thinks it's funny.
 Jack started to lose the ruler by lunchtime.
 And Junebug decided this called for an umbrella.
I think the serenity prayer should be something like God grant me the serenity to not kill the children on snow days. Haha!