Tuesday, March 05, 2013


"DAVID! I need your help juggling some of these children, I am trying to make dinner here."
Jack - "Well, you aren't really making dinner, the oven is making dinner."
"Well, how about I whoop your butt* for sassing me?"
Jack - "I tried to say it sympathetic and with sarcasm so you wouldn't say that."
"Oh, I see. Where did you learn those words?"
"From you."


(Honestly though, finally! he is picking up on some social things he has been missing.)

Sammi is refusing to let me change her poopy diapers. Today I tried reasoning (with a two year old, BWHAHAHA!).
"Sammi, if you don't want me to wipe your stinky butt you can go poop in the potty. Just say 'potty mommy!' and you can poop in there."
Giggling "oh daddy! no!"

*Jack knows this is an empty threat. He certainly doesn't get spanked for that. (In fact, he is really too big for any spanking now, not that it ever worked with him anyway.) Don't bother to email me about spanking please. Spanking it just not really a thing around my house.


  1. I have always loved listening to my kids grow ever smarter with their comments. It never gets old hearing an adult remark come out of their mouths.


  2. I see you have your very own "sheldon" too. We have one of those.


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