Saturday, March 30, 2013

Eggs and "buhflies"

Sorry, but there will be two posts today. No other way to get everything in right now.

Yesterday it was FINALLY warm and sunny. We took the wild things to the zoo.
Grant thought the train was funny.

Jack wants to ride all the statues.
Sam, the choo choo head, thought the train was a little scary.
But the "buhflies"? Those were "awesome!".
And this here is a miracle. I actually have a child who will sleep in a stroller. Granted it was only for 15 minutes and that was ALL HE SLEPT ALL DAY LONG. But still. (On another note, his napping? He doesn't. At all. He cries so much right now. OY.)
Then we came home and dyed the Easter eggs. This one says I heart mom and dad.
Sam, as you can imagine, was trouble with a capital T when it comes to eggs  and dye.
Her very first egg.
Watching big brother.

As soon as I get a crying free minute to put tails on the bunnies we are ready for the Easter bunny!

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  1. Hey, Sarah,

    Do you think Grant feels comfortable in a stroller, and that is why he will nap there instead of in his crib. Maybe you can push him around the house for a few minutes and let him nap in the stroller. We used to do that with the car seat and my brother. Just a thought, lol!



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