Monday, March 18, 2013

Flea market Monday

Recently junked up stuff:
A pair of plastic picture frames that say Stitch a Story on the bottom. The pattern is printed but unworked.
Gorgeous candy box with silk and satin and velvet flowers.
A fabric baby book Dave picked up for me.
A sweet small oval frame for the hall of frames.

A very sweet old print for Sammi's room.
When I got home I discovered this on the back. Made it even sweeter.
A pile of old Easter picks.
A never used vintage child's apron for Sammi girl.
A whole army of spun cotton and mica Christmas figures. In red,
In aqua,
And in white.
With a tiny aqua tinsel tree (!).
46 vintage quilt stars. I paid "ebay prices*" for these. Because MAN did I want them.

It was too windy to get a good photo for you, but I already have an idea for them.

Not a bad collection of stuff considering I feel like I never leave the house right now.

*In my world prices go like this, from cheapest to most expensive:
garage sales
flea markets/some thrift stores
antique stores/estate sales/antique shows


  1. I have 2 of those Stitch a Story frames! Mine are started, but unfinished. Bought them at an estate sale years ago and I should probably just list them on Etsy but I've never wanted to get rid of them for some dumb reason, because I don't even have them displayed--they're shoved in a box in the basement. Need to fix that somehow.

    LOVE that candy box! Pretty.

  2. Dang, girl. You did good!

  3. Pretty much want everything you've got there!

  4. Those stars are darling.

  5. Wonderful finds! I am drooling over that candy box. Better not invite me over for a visit, hmm?


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