Saturday, March 30, 2013

Flea market Saturday

Well, garage sale Saturday, but it's all the same right?
A vintage duvet cover.
A tiny honeycomb basket filled with tiny honeycomb eggs. (!)
And old Easter cake thing.
Another vintage chalkboard.
Several hundred old flash cards. Finally. I have been looking since I was pregnant with Grant. And I was totally jealous of Shara's flashcard score earlier this week.
And a not vintage but sweet baby quilt. It was $1.49. I couldn't leave it there. Even though we totally do not need another quilt.

The embroidery blocks were preprinted and are quite well done.

Now if it would get warm and stay warm so garage sale season could really get rolling!

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  1. That's crazy we both FINALLY found flashcards! I bought some frames and mats yesterday, so I guess that's my project tonight. I love that old chalkboard too. I'm crazy ready for yard sales!


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