Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flea Market Sunday

 Yesterday I went to a city wide yard sale. It was stinky. Just like last year. But after being alone with the children this week with Dave out of town, there was NO WAY I was taking care of kids yesterday morning.

I bought two things. This is a floraline basket in a pretty sort of lavender/periwinkle color. I had never seen one before and I can only find one on the internet. Strange, but whatever, I love it.
 This is a tiny pitcher. Probably a creamer. I just know some day spring will come and I can stick the flowers the children pick in it.
But today? Snowmaggedon. Nearly a foot of snow is coming our way.


And I am in complete denial about needing to get one more Easter rabbit made plus buy stuff for Easter baskets this week. And oh yea, Grant is 2 days away from 6 months old! Busy week ahead. :-)

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  1. I'm in denial that Easter is a week away. Sorry about the snow. We finally missed a storm. I actually see a bit of green outside now. I'm glad you snuck out for a bit. Time without children is priceless!


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