Wednesday, March 06, 2013


This post is a bit of a test. We returned the laptop with the unusable windows 8 for something with windows 7 and before I commit to keeping it I need to be sure I can blog!
 Grant has graduated from baths with mama to baths in the sink. FINALLY I have found a soap/lotion combo that does not cause him to break out in a rash riot. He will not be going as pig pen this year for Halloween after all. (Vanicream in case you are wondering product is working.)  He still has rashy spots, but now that I have a good routine I will use the steroid to get rid of those and carry on.
 Do you have a shop your way card at KMart? I got one years ago and never used it. I finally registered it when I noticed the coupon sites saying they were often loading people's cards with free points.  I think they have given me $20 or so?  They happen to be a GREAT source for Thomas stuff (and there is some free shipping program I joined too.)  They gave me more points this week so I ordered Sammi a toddler Thomas backpack. She is in LOVE with that thng. She wears it all around and carries her "wand". Today she is always playing with the Thomas eye mask from her birthday party.
 Hi cute stuff!
Speaking of routines - I am DESPERATELY trying to get Grant into a napping routine.  I want to be all loosey goosey with him like I was with Sammi but the fact is he just is not dealing with loosey goosey well.  So I am doing two hours awake, followed by nap. If he isn't awake again after two hours I am waking him up at the two hour mark. It's working fine during the day, but lord! the stretch between 4 and 7 pm overtires him or something and then it's taking until 9 pm to get him quiet.

Obviously I still need to do some tweaking.

I can't believe he is closing in on 6 months already. Whoa.

Back tomorrow with the pinterest projik that is taking WAY WAY too long.

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  1. Sink bathing was always a favorite with Josie. Darling pics of both kiddos.


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