Friday, March 01, 2013

Now I know why

 The fabric coasters I made us when Jack was small are really gross now. And about 6 months ago Jack ripped off all the rick rack because it was starting to come loose and apparently that made him crazy.

So I decided to make us some new ones.
After sewing on 4+ yards of that super tiny bias tape  I now know why there are always a million packages of that stuff at yard sales. Ha. These two attempts were fails.
 These worked out better, but not perfect. On the last one I finally figured out how to best do it.

Go figure.
I even sat there are cut out the fabric around the decorative scallop stitch.

So about two weeks ago I realized that for five solid months I had done nothing really but care for the children.  It took me about 3 days to work out a plan (which sounds silly, but I am still nursing and I had to really think through how the days are running) to get myself some creative time.

Because I am not going to lie - three kids is kind of kicking my ass right now. I know this is temporary - I have two really little, needy people right now. But still, I need time to myself that is not at the grocery store. So every night between 6 and 7 is my "make things time".

And really it is working out well. Dave tends the kids, dinner is over, it's not time to start the bath bed routine (which requires both Dave and I).

So far I have made the quilt, mended my jeans (again) and made coasters. I still want to make bunnies for the kid's Easter baskets, make bunny ears finally and do salt dough hand prints.

BUT! I need to plan a little. A few nights have been wasted because what I wanted to make I didn't have supplies for, or worse, I couldn't decide what to make. I plan to remedy that problem today. In between loads of laundry and the never ending grocery list.

So here's to a return to makin' at makin' projiks!


  1. One of the reasons I learned to knit was that I had a suspicion it would allow me to make things on the go - and it does. My husband's sweater was mostly knit sitting through soccer practice, piano lessons, talent show get the idea.

    These days of them being needy will pass. They are still babies! And you have two! Good luck.

  2. I have three kids. When the baby was born, the oldest had just turned four. Omigosh, I can sympathize with you. I was so busy with the kids that I even gave up reading. Everything was already gone: the handwork, the sewing, etc. etc. It's tiring and frustrating and half the time I didn't know whether I was coming or going.

    My son used to throw these horrific tantrums. One day I said, "I give up. He can just grow up, wear a nylon over his head and rob convenience stores!" Wow there are days (and days) like that!

    My daughter used to sneak out of the house when I taught childbirth classes and go through the cars of my students. She took any money and candy she could find.

    My kids are all in their thirties now. Yes that day does come. They are wonderful people. Not one of them robs convenience stores or shoplifts. In fact they have wonderfully happy lives.

    I miss them being home. They all live across the country. I am really glad for going through all that chaos. And yes, it is easier looking at it from further down the road.

    Hang in there! People are always telling you to enjoy it while they are young because they will grow up before you know it. I used to think, "It can't be fast enough."

    I love your blog. Your children are delightful. Just keep getting up every morning!

  3. Oh yeah, when was the last time I posted something I made? I have been meaning to come up with project time for myself but it seems like there's always something... And I used to embroider or crochet while sitting and waiting at dance and I don't have to wait anymore. I miss that actually.

  4. I hope your plan works out! Everybody needs creative time (or at least creative types do) ... and I so agree on that narrow bias ... impossible!


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