Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quilt top shower curtain obsessed

 Ha, hi rockstar baby in the barbie sunglasses.

So I have been obsessed with having a vintage quilt top shower curtain since seeing something on pinterest. I set out to buy myself a new quilt top on ebay for the job, but holy smokes, quilt tops go for more than finished quilts. And I don't have that many in my stash since they just never seemed useful to me before now. (You can be sure that will change now.)
 First I changed the wall art. These are all free chalkboard printables printed on those reusable poster things from Walgreens.
 Then I pulled out this quilt top and set about making it work. (It's kind of dark for my taste right now, but I do enjoy being able to see all the fabrics every day.)
 With kids and in a bathroom it HAS to be washable. So I finished the raw edges with bias tape.
I did NOT want to alter the quilt top itself so I sewed a strip to the top for the grommets to go through. I just happened to have a perfectly matching color in the stash. (Pure luck.)

Then I had to hem about 13 inches up on the bottom.

It's a lot different than my usual shabby chic flower curtains. I think once I find the right quilt top it will be LOVE. (The trick is finding something I don't mind washing a lot. Oy.)

Tonight is Bon Jovi night! Wooohooo. Twice in two years, it's my lucky streak. Now if only I could somehow manage a nap before I have to stay up until midnight at a concert. Daylight savings plus three little kids is kicking my butt. Hate daylight savings.


  1. I just picked up 5 patchwork quilt tops plus a whole big bin of other material at an estate sale. They are nothing fancy like the one you used just the basic squares and rectangles, but I have been meaning to make some of my own with my material stash so I can either make slip covers or just reupohlster these two chairs in my living room. We shall see if that project ever gets completed. ;0

  2. That's beautiful! I think I'd like making just quilt tops ... it's the quilting part that slows things to a stop here!


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