Monday, March 04, 2013

Something nifty

With the caveat that I have NOT been paid to say this, have you seen the cool reuseable sticky poster prints at Walgreens yet?  They gave away a free one on facebook (which is below) and I loved it so much. It started my brain ticking. You know all those free printables you see and love and never know what to do with?

STICKY POSTERS! You just peel off the back and stick them where ever you want.

I made this one for the bathroom today. I think I can give them scalloped edges with my fancy scissors, but I haven't tried yet.
Here is the first one, I had them print a family photo and then I had no clue what to do with it. So I stuck it in the middle of a mirror. And you know what? Love it there too.

They are on sale 50% right now, so about $8 for an 11 x 14. (I had to resize the free printable above in a photo program to make it work, but it was easy peasy.)
Grant is into grabbing right now.
He will grab anything he can reach. LOL
And Jackson has been making "gangum style pikachu." That makes me laugh.

I bought a new computer this weekend and then discovered I CANNOT use windows 8. So I have to take it back to costco and try again. UGH.

Happy Monday to you~~!

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  1. Your kids are after my heart. First Thomas with Sammi and now Pokemon with Jack. My 15 year-old daughter still loves Pokemon...I've turned her into quite the collector! Wonder what Grant will gravitate towards someday?


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