Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Target craft one

 I don't get out much. And when I do it's to Target. And I start to suffer from OHHH SHINY THINGS AT TARGET MUST GET IN MY CART syndrome. So I bought these eggs. They are pretty big for plastic Easter eggs.
 And then I stuck on some shiny bows I bought from target Christmas clearance.
 And some ribbon hangers through the holes in the top.
 And voila! bright shiny eggs for the Easter tree.
 I sort of love the oversized bow even though I wasn't sure I would.
I  made two other things from Target stuff this weekend, back with more tomorrow.


  1. Love your Easter tree. I wish Easter wasn't so early this year. I want it to last a bit longer.

  2. I bought the same eggs. LOL And then afterwards, I had some buyer's remorse because with the amount of glitter, glue & plastic eggs around here I most certainly could have made my own--but then I realized that it was totally worth $5 to not have to make or clean up that particular mess.

    Love what you did with yours! Mine are still in their tube.


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