Friday, March 22, 2013

Target craft three

 In the dollar spot Target has little fabric ties for boys. I picked up one of every color because they were so stinkin' cute. They are too small for Jack and I am not likely to ever put Grant in a button up shirt. So I took them off their neck straps and just sewed them down on some onesies.
 I know ties on onesies are not a new thing (Hi Lera!), but I like how the neck knot stills has some dimension.
 Cuteness, I die.
Oh hello there my beautiful boy.
Lookin' sharp.

(It seems like Grant is destined to be blue eyed. So strange and unexpected. The kids all have my very dark brown eyes and Dave's are green.)

4 more days until his half birthday~!!


  1. How stinkin cute and BRILLIANT is that! Love it.

  2. My cousin Mark had this red clip-on tie that he adored. He wore it for years from the time he was about a year old or so, with absolutely everything. When my grandmother died, we went through boxes of old photos and could tell the date by how big or small the tie was on him. He wore it until it fell apart - about Jack's age.
    Maybe Grant will get himself attached?

  3. That is just too cute. Pictures of him in the other two ties would not be overdoing it.

  4. These are fab! What a clever idea.


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