Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Target craft two

 Target craft number two is foam dress up bunny kit that was also $5 in the stationary section.  You just get the stuff to make the bunnies, not the dotty paper (which is scrapbook paper from Michaels that I had). 

Something interesting happens when doing this kind of craft with the kids. I notice immediately that Jack likes his to look EXACTLY like the picture on the package. And he gets a little tense when Sammi starts just sticking things everywhere.
 Like putting leaves on the face.

 (I obviously helped a little with this one.)
 But  not this one. LOL

 I put them on the scrapbook paper because I had no clue what I was going to do with them after they did that magic OH SPARKLY THINGS AT TARGET GET IN MY CART NOW dance. It occurred to me that they were most useful as a garland, so I backed them with paper to make them easier to hang up.
And even though it only took me 15 minutes to make them with the kids while I was juggling laundry and dinner, I LOVE them. So bright and fun. And a nice long term reminder of both of their crafting skills at this moment in time.

*It's snowing a little. On the first day of Spring. Screw you snow I am so over winter. I have been in the house for 6 solid months and I SWEAR if it doesn't get warm so we can places and do things or even just go in the backyard soon I will go totally insane.


  1. There's snow in the forecast for here this evening. And more snow in the forecast for the weekend and into next week. I am with you. Winter just doesn't know when to leave this year!

  2. Seriously adorable garland. Love all the variations. Job well done. We got 7 inches of new snow yesterday. More continues to fall. I'm ready to see green grass. Come on SPRING!

  3. I just had to laugh out loud. Never heard anyone say "screw you snow"! We don't get snow but I will say "screw you 100 degree days" before long!


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