Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top o' the morning

 It's snowing and the children are stuffing themselves full of chocolates left by naughty leprechauns already. (That's snow in the middle of my frame here!)
So this photo session lasted all of 12 seconds.
 Chocolates are way more important Mom!

 Speaking of food, I gave Grant his first solid food yesterday. I have held him off as long as possible. He was starting to get mad about us eating in front of him. It turns he can swallow with no mess already (!). And he LOVED it. I mean LOVED it. Laughed and smiled and grabbed for more, more, more.

Hopefully he doesn't have a ton of food allergies that inflame the eczema again. I am going to go very slowly with new foods for him.

Yesterday we were out and about and I swear to one hundred people commented on how frowny he is. He doesn't look happy, that boy sure is grumpy, why won't he smile? LORD PEOPLE! I don't know, that's his personality.  The sweetest thing anyone said was "would you look at that poor malnourished baby? Why don't you ever feed him? How old is he?" 5 months. "Oh yea? That one will be big enough for school tomorrow!" LOL
Happy St Pattys day to you~~

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