Saturday, March 16, 2013

Two bunnies down

 The second bunny is finished. This one is for Grant.

Pattern here.
The only part I used was her pattern. I didn't follow her directions for putting it together or materials or anything like that. Mine is fleece (head), flannel (body), felt (cheeks).
I sewed the head completely shut instead of leaving the front open (I simply could NOT understand her instructions at all, so I did it the way I know how to do it). I also pleated the blanket binding to give a nicer finish. And added a fleece ear patch the ears.

He was a bit tricky but is SUPER SUPER SUPER cute.

Now if only I could solve my felt problem for Sammi's bunny. I have ordered 6 different pieces of felt desperately searching for the *perfect* cantaloupe colored wool blend felt. More should be arriving this week. Hopefully one of them is right.

Sadly I have slipped on my hour a day of sewing this week. I only managed 1.5 hours TOTAL all week. Ugh. (And the upcoming week doesn't look much better with Dave out of town for work.)

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