Thursday, March 07, 2013

Washi Tape Egg Wreath

I pinned this washi tape wreath sometime last year. I decided this was the year to make it since I find myself with that one hour a day committed to making things.
 It took WAY longer than I expected, something along the lines of 6 (gasp) hours. I am not thrilled with the right edge either, it isn't smooth (needs more eggs I think), but Sammi is always climbing all over me like a zoo monkey and was sticking the hot glue sticks in her juice and running all over the house with the eggs and even peeling off the tape! so it is what is.
 I used mostly the washi tape from Target and I will admit I have SERIOUS doubts about it's staying power. Even without Sammi it is peeling off in many places. I started hotgluing it down in some places.

One should not have to hot glue down tape. Just sayin'.
 It is super cute though.
 And a welcome change to the front door.
 Yesterday Grant learned how to roll back to front. Now he is starting to push himself with his legs a little when he finds himself in that position.  I actually cannot wait for the days when he can join the herd and be on the move. :-)
I sat down to do my sewing last night and AGAIN could not find the supplies I was seeking. And I thought "gee Sarah, this area is a HOT MESS, clean it up girl". But I didn't.

Know why?

For starters I am not going to waste my one hour a day cleaning up messes. BUT also! the mess means I am making things. It's a sign of work getting done.

I do need to go clean it up a little while the kids are playing though.

Almost Friday! We are supposed to have warm weather and I cannot wait for it.  Hurry up spring...


  1. SQUEAL! This is absolutely fantastic! I have plan for an Easter wreath this weekend. I swear if I hadn't already committed to my wreath materials, I'd be doing this one.

  2. super cute! i have found that the target washi tape is actually slightly MORE tacky than other kinds. it's just not super sticky tape in general.

  3. If that's what you consider a mess, you need to take a gander at my craft spot.

    Cute wreath.

  4. I think it's adorable. I love washi tape. And I did not know they had it at Target, so thanks!

  5. I agree, a hot mess means that creativity is happening! And your wreath is VERY cute!

  6. I think the craft room looks great - wish I had a room like that! The wreath is very cute too!


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