Sunday, April 07, 2013

Flea Market Sunday

Man, we have had the busiest couple of days. It is so nice to just be at home with just my noisy kids and enjoy a little down time.

It was a quilty kind of junking weekend.

A postage stamp quilt.
My first in that pattern.
A scalloped Texas star.

And a lavender wedding ring.

Some glass garland.
Pieces for a dresden plate quilt.
A giant pile of them in the yummiest 30's fabrics.
A pink tulle Christmas tree complete with a spun cotton angel for the top. I wouldn't even have known what this was all smushed in a box were it not for Laurie .
And something I have wanted since I was pregnant and doing Grant's room - an old playskool abacus toy.
My girl likes to run around the yard in only her diaper now that is warm. And she wants to "cheese samwich" for every picture I am taking. LOL

Grant had his 6 month check up on Friday and he has been referred to physical therapy for some muscle tightness/weakness which makes him lean to the left and to the plastic surgeon to discuss a helmet for some facial asymmetry. We see the plastic surgeon on Wednesday to see what he thinks. I am a bit torn about the whole thing - it's cosmetic, he doesn't have a flat head, but he definitely has a difference from one side of his forehead to the other. We shall see what the doc thinks a helmet would even do for him and decide then I guess. ($$$$$$ out of pocket for that helmet business. Oy.)

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