Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flea Market Sundays

I used to consider a perfect junking morning one that included ornaments, tablecloths and quilts (and pottery). Now? Quilts*, doll houses** (or doll related stuff), and ornaments/fabric are running neck in neck.

It was a perfect junking morning today:
A few ornaments. (I saw more, but I have become pretty picky about price.)
A corner shelf (which promptly went into the play kitchen area.)
An Irmi coat rack!!!! This has been on wish list FOREVER.
And the matching light switch cover.
Pile of sweet old books...
some of which have Target price tags for 22 cents. We googled, they are from the first Target stores, which opened in 1962. That's pretty cool in itself. I can't imagine books in Target for 22 cents. Also that yellow one is Captain Kangaroo. Man I loved that show when I was a kid.
And this. I died. This is a Jayline dollhouse. There was one at the flea I was lusting after but it was so pricey ($85!). And not in great condition at that price either. I googled and googled, ebayed, etsy'ed, and could never come up with another one.
And then, this morning, there she was. She is missing the bathroom walls (but actually in better condition than the $85 one). For $10. I nearly ran away cheering. Jayline houses are hard to come by.
This also had me nearly running away cheering. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a certain style of vintage baby quilt from the '40's. They were made from kits and have a very particular look. They are always way out of my pocket range. (Upwards of $50+ here, one of the most expensive quilts to buy in this area.)

 I saw this lying in a pile and asked how much. Oh dear, I am afraid to tell you.
Sweet dancing rabbits.



Faint dead.


Man it was worth getting up damn early in the cold and drizzle today.

*I have actually started thinking about which quilt patterns I would like to add to my collection. Not that I will ever stop randomly collecting pretty ones that I can afford but there are few patterns I would REALLY like to have. An affordable yo-yo quilt is near the top of the list. Second is a nice lantern quilt. Third? I think I want something unusual - donkeys, or a letter quilt. I just love Shara's R quilt. I also need a good small star one, hmmmm.

** I am seriously considering packing away the pottery collection for awhile and having Dave redo the living room shelves to hold my doll houses. Maybe I am over pottery? Not sure. But with little kids I am enjoying the doll houses a lot more.


  1. That's like a season's worth of goodness! I love dollhouses, too. But there was a wooden barn and a chicken coop (both handmade, and just perfect) that I was lusting over this weekend ... alas, antique store prices. Glad you had a great day!

  2. Loved all your finds! Congratulations on the doll house. It is always more special when we have looked a long time, I think. The quilt brought good memories. My aunt made this quilt for my firstborn in 1976. I passed it on to her about 5 years ago. Cannot believe the price!

  3. Dollhouses are high on my want list too, but I really don't know why! It's not like I have any littles at my house. :(

    That R Quilt of mine is pretty sweet. It's only a top, I need to have it quilted somewhere. Since I was an "R" once upon a time, I do love it.

    Irmi stuff is high on my want list too. Never knew about the cot rack - now that's awesome!

  4. LOVE! Just got one of those doll houses in the shop! Ha! Plus got about 25 Irmi Lamps! Go figure! Hahaha! Hugs.


  5. LOVE! Just got one of those doll houses in the shop! Ha! Plus got about 25 Irmi Lamps! Go figure! Hahaha! Hugs.


  6. SQUEAL! I'm so happy for you. You got that doll house for a steal! A steal!!! I came home with two doll houses from yesterday's antique market. I certainly paid a lot more than $10. I'm asking Chris to build me a special unit in my craft room for displaying them. I definitely have a neighborhood association going on with all my various houses.

  7. AMAZING stuff! Love the books and had no idea that Target has been around that long. Being addicted to Target as I am it's always nice to have a little bit of knowledge to throw around to make myself look like an expert:-)

    The books are my favorite. My daughter Maddie collects vintage children's books.

    Have a great week & can't wait to see how you decide to display the dollhouses.


  8. I love the baby quilt, and $2- wow!!! Really like the doll house too, but the quilt has a little place in my heart!

  9. Great finds! LOVE that Irmi coat rack. I have the switchplate cover, too. I actually had one when I was a kid in the, ahem, 70s. Anyway. Good stuff! Switch out the pottery for a bit, you can always change it back, right?

  10. Great finds Sarah! I have a yo yo quilt on my wish list too. Whenever I do see them they are so pricey that I can never afford to buy.
    NOOOOOO don't pack up the pottery. I love your pottery display.


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